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Photoshop even supports the next generation of Adobe composition engines, offering you a choice of the every-line and single-line composers. The every-line composer sets multiple lines of text in relation to each other to ensure optimal line breaks, while the single-line composer handles one line of text at a time.
With the new character controls, you can apply color on a per-character basis, scale characters vertically and horizontally, set baseline shift, and automatically produce ligatures and oldstyle figures. Plus, Photoshop fully supports OpenType fonts and their related features, such as all caps, small caps, superscript, and sub-script. A new no-break option controls whether or not a range of characters wrap as a single word.
Maya of Layers
A Layer in Photoshop has always been essentially a layer of pixels. Version 5 introduced to us the idea of Adjustment Layers, a new type of layer that did no contain pixels, but contained commands that modified the tonality of the underlying layers. Photoshop 6.0 includes a new adjustment layer type, called gradient map, which takes an image’s luminance values and maps them to a gradient. You can use this image adjustment feature to turn black-and-white or color originals into subtle multi-toned images.
Layers are more flexible than ever in Photoshop 6.0. Breaking the previous limitation of 99 layers, you can now can create hundreds of layers in any image. Plus, you can organize those layers into sets to keep better track of related parts (Figure 06: Layer Mantras).
Figure 06 Layer Mantras
Go beyond the previous limitation of 99 Layers, and organise layers into folders for one-click locking, grouping, linking and masking. Several subtle changes mark the new Layers palette.

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