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A deer caught in the headlights.

That image effectively conjures up how suddenly and swiftly the fast-paced computer industy is swamping the world of traditional photography and imaging. Computers and digital technologies are invading into every aspect of consumer and professional photography.
Digitization has especially impacted image capture, image production, image processing, and image output. The recently concluded Photokina exhibition, the world's largest fair for imaging and photography, held in September in Cologne, Germany, bore witness to this trend.
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Worldwide, an increasing number of agencies and clients are forcing photographers to supply "data files instead of slides" of their work, completely changing working tools and techniques overnight. From the cameras and accessories to the studio and specialist laboratories, almost all tools have become digital.
Not to mention the tremendous impact of the internet as a distribution, publishing, transmitting, and even ordering medium. Traditionally separate professional fields have also merged and added to the photographer's scope of activities, such as reproduction photography, pre-press stages, and image communications through internet and telecom technologies.
Companies like Kodak, Canon and Agfa aggressively marketed themselves into the complete integrations and solutions segments, since these especially have all the products, technologies, and momentum built over many years in parallel fields of photography, imaging, publishing, and pre-press, today converging into one big couldron. Right time, right place.
Various other companies from different industries have a mix of upto three of these four areas:

for instance Minolta, Adobe, Ilford, Fuji, and Linotype-Hell. Strange bedfellows today.

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