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The advanced plug-in allows you to emboss, distort, tint, add reflectivity, or otherwise create the illusion of a surface material. You can also apply an unlimited number of lights and lighting properties as you work with the surface material, for added realism and effect.
KPT Materializer has four key controls. The first is the Lighting control, where you may add lights right where you want them, and control an individual light’s brightness, sheen, and spread, or set ambient lighting for the texture.
The Materials control adjusts properties of the resulting surface material, including the color tint of the surface. You may also adjust the depth of the bumps on the surface, and distort the underlying image over the bumps of the texture. The overall property of the surface can be chosen between plastic and metal, and the light and reflection simulations vary accordingly.
Like with KPT Gel, an Environment control allows you to control the environment map and how it blends with the image. The fourth control is the Texture control that affects the texture map you are applying to an image.
Deceptively simple, the texture control can create some wonderful images out of your photos, including the look of a copper coin engraving from a photo, once you learn how to tap its power.
Provoke the Projector
KPT Projector provides a robust collection of interactive perspective warp effects (Figure 07: Warp This).
Figure 07 Warp This:
Want to make an image more hot and spicy? Roll in KPT Projector. This clever plug-in distorts an image in 2D or 3D space. Add infinite tiling and mirroring to your taste.

It adds 2D perspective distortions to an image, creates 3D transformations, or tiles an image into infinite space. The source image is projected onto a two-dimensional plane in the Preview window. You can manipulate the perspective of the image in relation to this two-dimensional view plane.
Or, you can change the position of the view plane itself, and therefore the image, in three-dimensional space. Dramatic animations can be created, using the same simple keyframe concept, as is available in KPT Gel. Of particular interest is the 3D Rotate tool. Clicking on it brings a circle in the Preview window.
Think of this circle as a transparent sphere that encloses the view plane. Imagine the view plane inside this transparent ball. Now imagine rolling the ball by pushing it with your hand. If you push up, the ball rolls so that you can see the bottom of the enclosed view plane.

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