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Six. That is the total number of heads that adorn his torso. For he is Kartikeya, the Hindu God of War. Six is the version number of the latest KPT, an equally extraordinary collection of dazzling special effect tools for images.

Kartikeya is the first-born son of Shiva, the Hindu God of death and fertility.

KPT is the first offspring
of Kai Krause

the widely acknowledged lord of digital imagery and Photoshop. Several strange stories abound regarding the birth of Kartikeya. According to one, Shiva assumed a form with six faces from which six divine sparks shot forth. These sparks were then carried to the sacred river Ganga.
Shiva took the embryo and placed it on top of a mountain for ten thousand years in the sight of the rising sun, and Kartikeya was born. The name Kartikeya comes from 'Krittikas' the six celestial nymphs who cared for and nursed the divine child. As stars the Krittikas make up the Pleiades.

KPT is born from the creative sparks that burst forth from Kai in the late eighties and early nineties, when he first dabbled with Adobe Photoshop and its awesome powers as image-manipulation software. Kai formed a company, Metacreations, which cared for and nursed KPT through its initial phase. By the time KPT touched version six, Kai sold it to Corel. Thus was born Corel KPT 6. The name is an acronym for

Kai Power Tools, as it was once popularly known.

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