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"Buri nazar wale,
tera muh
100% Black."

That cannot be written on any ordinary truck. No, that must be the truck of KabelKondensed Singh Gill Sans, also known to his friends as K2 Singh Gill. Toward off the ‘evil eye’ a Microsoft jutti hangs tenaciously from the back of his mango orange and parrot green truck. Driving through the lush post-monsoon and digitally altered land-scape, K2 spots his favorite PC World da Dhabha and roars his massive truck in for a pit stop.
Nothing like a break to stretch his lungi-clad legs, smack his lips with well-cooked butter chicken and naan, gather all his friends and cronies around him, and exchange stories from the far edge of the digital frontier. TrueType Singh (aka Titoo), the truck’s cleaner, eagerly jumps out to help dhabha-owner Avant Garde Ashish lay out a double-spread charpai for K2 Singh.
Monotype Mirza fran-tically butters the multi-layered naans. Perpetua Pranav calmly squeezes lemon on the butter chicken and serves it on a scratched CD plat-ter. K2 meanwhile washes his face at a hand pump out in the open, and sits down in this august gathering of friends. “Oye K2, what’s happening on the digital front, yaar?” asks the ever-inquisitive Avant Garde Ashish.
Highly Inflammable
Sprawled on the creaky charpai, K2’s eyes go wide with delight as he speaks:It’s the talk of the town! Sardar PageMaker Singh and the curvaceous Illustrator Kaur eloped! They’ve al-ready given birth to their first-born. The sarpanch blessed the baby boy at a special gathering of the Adobe clan under a guava tree and proudly chris-tened the boy, InDesign. Adobe InDesign.
I tell you, this new-genera-tion page layout software is quickly becoming the favorite of the digital akhara, upsetting the long-time crowd-puller, QuarkXpress. Blessed with its mother’s good looks, InDesign inherits all the tools and features of Illustrator.
The simi-larity is striking (FIGURE 1: Illustra-tor da Puttar), complete with an Il-lustrator-style toolbox, all bezier pen tools (within a page-layout program, mind you), scissor, rotate, scale, shear tools, and even the fill and stroke icons in the toolbox at the bottom.
(FIGURE 1: Illustra-tor da Puttar)
Indesign's Bezier pen tool; scis-sors, rotate, scale, and shear tools; fill and stroke icons; the menu names; toolbar... Meri Billo! the similarity is striking!

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