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Niyam's ground-breaking section on digital imagery and design.

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Helps build your website stamina from deep within. Especially good for graphic designers.

It starts with your hands. A compulsive and obsessive itch to do some HTML. You know, first you quickly type a less-than arrow, a tag, a greater-than arrow, some text, some ending tags and voila! You’ve got your first html page!
But hand-coding is tolerable when web pages are simple. Just simple text-oriented web pages. With a few scattered text-based links. And an image or two embedded in text. The key operative word here is ‘text.’ People seldom realize that web page design is ultimately about Hyper Text Markup Language. And there is only that much you can do with it.
So when this is overlooked, the initial headaches starts. A headline refuses to fit right across the page, or does in one browser, but not in the other.
Even worse, all the elements on the page design collide and move around if somebody resizes the window. Uploading dozens of pages and maintaining all those links starts giving you ulcers.

You need help.

A clutch of web design software, behaving more like strong html anti-biotic medicine, bring you some relief, but don’t quite deliver to the promise.
Claris HomePage, MS FrontPage, Macromind Dreamweaver, Adobe PageMill, all leaders of the pack, offer a more visual and drag-and-drop approach to ‘clever-text-formatting.’ But it is still not ‘page-layout.’

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