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Niyam's ground-breaking section on digital imagery and design.

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Dharam and Veer are under arrest.

The crimes of these ace creative directors: they do not know html. And besides, they think they are too sexy for hand-coding. Handcuffed in a train cabin they await their destiny under the watchful eyes of Thakur, as they all hurtle down the super information highway.

Meanwhile the world of aesthetics is under attack by rogues and thieves masquerading as designers. Their weapons: animated gifs, horizontal rules, underlined purple links, and Error 4-knot-4 rifles. Thakur knows he is no match for them. Warily, he unshackles Dharam and Veer, and arms each with the ultimate weapon: Dreamweaver 3.
Within fifteen adrenalised minutes of clever site management, drag-and-drop gifs, and shoveling coals of web pages into the train’s boiler, the dynamite duo save the day.

Dreamweaver: Lethal Weapon 3
So what makes Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 so lethal? Actually, in the right hands, it transforms ordinary layouts of web pages into Sholay-outs! Presented in print here is a cinematic extravaganza of how to really use Dreamweaver from a designer’s point-of-view. No prior experience required. No knowledge of HTML required. So sit back and enjoy the show.

When you first launch this web page design software, all you see is a blank web page staring at you. No worries.
(Figure 01: Trailer).

Figure 01 Trailer:
Place an image by dragging the ‘image’ icon from the Objects palette (circled), and define links by typing the path in the Properties palette (red rectangle).

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