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Is CorelDraw 9 worthy of the Emperors of Design?

Akbar the Great. Ah! Who would ever know the true secret of his greatness! All the world could see was a Mughal Empire in the 16th century, enlarged by conquest until it extended from Afghanistan to the Bay of Bengal and from the Himalayas to the Godavari River.
Indeed trade and culture flourished under this tolerant third Mughal Emperor from 1556AD-1605AD. But, hidden deep within the fortified walls of his splendid capital, Fatehpur Sikri: a secret passage.

It led through the most exquisite Mughal Garden through to a cavern measureless to man, until it opened into a beautiful hunting lodge hidden behind a KPT Bryce rendered canopy of trees. Guarded heavily, it housed the Emperor’s real nine jewels, unknown until recently to all mankind.
For humming away in quiet secluded rooms all with pure white marble floors and overlooking the jungles, were powerful desktop computers. PowerMacintoshes pre-installed with Oasis 8.5, and high-end Pentium II machines running Mughal Windows 95 and 98. (That’s 1595 and 1598, to be precise.)

Building an Empire

This was no ordinary Mughal Emperor. Akbar was the first Great Emperor of Digital Design.

Behold his nine jewels, hidden in concealed chambers and partitioned drives: 1) Adobe Photoshop, for scanning and enhancing his royal portraits for posterity. 2) Macromind Freehand and Adobe Illustrator, the secret behind the exquisite 3600 dpi details in Mughal miniature illustrations back in the 16th century.
3) Quark Xpress and Adobe PageMaker: The siblings of page layout and design. 4) Metacreations Painter, enjoying royal patronage in digital art. 5) Adobe Premiere: for digitally editing moving images of great conquests and battles. 6) Macromind Director: for creating interactive multimedia presentations of Mughal heritage and culture.
7) Kai Power Tools: The Tansen of visual artistry. 8) Adobe Acrobat: the cross-platform electronic publishing and archiving solution for managing information and documentation in a Muslim and Hindu governed empire. 9) CorelDraw9, the award winning….

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