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Chameleon Karma:

'Shoot at sight'

Those are your orders. So you hunt for colorful faces. Faces painted with warm magentas next to bright yellows, burning purples, saturated cyans, deep greens, greasy blacks, speckled maroons… all smeared and spattered wildly and festively on the smiling happy faces of people with flashy white teeth, celebrating the great Indian festival of Holi.
Just shoot them instantly. With a digital camera. Voila! No running costs (and running around) and waiting for film developing and printing.
You can shoot the action as it happens and moments later upload it on your website, so your friends and family scattered around this shrinking planet can plug into the festival.
Ah! But there's a small catch. You own a nice 17" Samsung monitor with an attached Epson or Canon color bubblejet in Delhi, and the image already looks radically different on the screen and on the printer.
Your grandpa in Bangalore owns an old local 14" monitor, and he prints out the image on an HP deskjet using a plain sheet of paper to share with Grandma. Meanwhile your cousin studying in the States uses a high-end Apple PowerMac G3 with a 21" Apple monitor and a color laser printer.
He decides to print the image in his college mag, and further attaches the file in an e-mail to his fiancee, who is a devout Compaq user (wonder what that'll do to the relationship!). Meanwhile, your dad, on a business trip in Singapore, downloads the image on the LCD monitor of his IBM Thinkpad.
Now you're beginning to get the picture. Everyone is seeing a radically different image. There are as many different versions as there are display and output devices. Some with the greens turning into blues. On others the maroon gets too close to the dark blacks, while the magentas on another has shifted to reds.
We are talking major shifts here. Factor in the different types of printers like bubblejets, color lasers, dye-subs, off-set printing, and different inks and papers from ordinary, matte, to photographic gloss, and just forget about your techno-savvy nephew who wants to view the images on his web TV and print on a Sony RGB printer.

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