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Some questions are not published in the newspaper due to lack of space. However, here you will find those questions as well. If you have a query, mail to:
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HTTech4U Troubleshooting

February 2004

16 February 2004

Am looking for Thomas Bulfinch's classic 'The Age of Fables', as well as classic poems, references, and works of fiction and non-fiction. Any chance of getting these in free, online incarnations?
- Jehanara Wasi

Visit for a huge collection of freely available books in various categories. Also visit that in turn points you to other references. Project Gutenberg offers thousands of free ebooks, and adds about a hundred new ones weekly;

Often, I lose emails during a PC glitch while composing a response online on the internet. What techniques do you suggest for me to retrieve my lost data?
- Rohit Garg

Avoid keying-away online. Use the notepad, wordpad, or any other text-editor on your local PC to first type and save your messages. Once online, copy-and-paste text from these files into your online email form. This saves your considerable online time as well. If using an email client, save your emails frequently in the drafts folder.

I have downloaded several short WMV and MPEG movie files from the net. How can I view them like a regular movie rather than watching them each separately?
- Rajesh

Get hold of a free video-editing software from dozens available in the downloads area of in the audio & video section. Try CombiMovie1.1 You could also get hold of a mainstream video-edit software such as Adobe Premiere, MovieMaker, or offerings from Ulead, to create your magnum opus.

Is there any website where I can find online archives of your Troubleshooting column, though I do tend to keep clippings for myself? Have checked the HT site and even googled without much success.
- Sanjay Kumar

This is the most frequently-asked-question of this column and deserves a special response. The weekly column is published under the following license: Verbatim copying and distrubition of this article is published in any medium so long as the author, newspaper, copyright notice, and the email id is preserved. Please attribute the copyright to this author alongwith the relevant year. Use the email at the bottom of this column. Thus, you are free to photocopy, email, fax, and even publish the archives to your server or to your intranets. I leave it to the community to compile and proliferate the archive on several sites across the web. Please share this invaluable resource with others in a spirit similar to the free and opensource software community. Find out more at

Is there any free imaging software available, like Adobe Photoshop?
- - Aditya Naren

Yes, and it is used by Hollywood for such popular movies such as Too Fast Too Furious, Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, Stuart Little, and others. Best for 35mm film and other high-res dynamic range images, Cinepaint has features akin to Photoshop and even faintly looks -and-feels like Photoshop. Cinepaint boasts some really advanced features, yet is completely muft and mukt. Find it at, with versions for Windows, GnuLinux, and Macintosh. I pushed it through an extreme task recently, processing over 370 high-quality scanned images under RedHat Linux.

09 February 2004

Is there any free Hindi to English dictionary or software available online?
- V.P. Singh

Visit that offers about 46,000 words. allows you to type in Hindi using your existing QWERTY keyboard, but gives you the devanagri spelling and the meaning in English. You may also be interested in a Sanskrit to English dictionary at Check out the digital dictionaries of South Asia at Finally, the TDIL site has a machine translation but it works from English to Hindi. Incidentally, Google provided more than 48,000 results. If any reader can recommend a good, reliable engine, please email me.

My emails are suffering from a barrage of the MyDoom virus. When will this attack on the internet recede?
- Jai Singh Kohli

The virus attack may start receding from February 12th. However, people with infected machines may continue spewing out virus-borne emails unless they disinfect their machines. More gravely, the virus leaves a secret backdoor open forever on infected machines. An unauthorised remote-user can easily access, modify, and delete files on an infected machine without the owner's knowledge, or a remote user could launch further attacks using such a PC. Visit and follow instructions to thoroughly clean your PC, and to repair and remove any opened backdoors.

Is it true that the recent spate of virus attacks do not effect Linux-based PCs and only attacks those machines that run Windows? How can I user Linux for my internet and emai-related work while using Windows for everything else?
- Vikas Kalra

The recent virus attacks, as with most others, specifically target windows-based machines. Users of GnuLinux find their machines insulated and often immune to such problems, due to the inherent architecture of the GnuLinux OS. You could set up a dual-boot machine with Windows and GnuLinux. Boot into GnuLinux for browsing the web, chatting, downloading emails, other online activities, and even wordprocessing, for spreadsheets, and for making presentations. Most users report their internet experience to be far more fun, stimulating, and safe, when accessed through GnuLinux. Set up a dual-boot by asking your support engineer, or get hold of a good book on GnuLinux for instructions.

I received a mail from some World Wide Premiere Lotto UK stating to contact some person to collect the prize money, in millions of dollars. Is it another internet fraud? What should I do?
- Sandeep Dhanuka

Ignore this fraud.

I want to send an SMS to all mobile users near my shop's location. How can I obtain their mobile numbers?
- - Kunwar Suhrab Singh

Cellphone operaters can track the location of their subscribers, but this information is not publicly accessible for the moment. You need to get in touch with the mobile service providers in your town and work out a marketing deal with them.

Where can I find a free software for making mind maps?
- Niraj Pant

Mind maps are an interesting concept that are explained, alongwith screenshots, links to a free software that works on Windows, Mac, GnuLinux, and with further links to alternative software at

© 2004: Niyam Bhushan. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

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