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"Why do people gift Niyam silk-ties? He has not worn a tie since 1999. Of course, he will graciously accept them, and then gift them in turn to whoever appreciates wearing or collecting ties. A few others gift him wall-hangings or pens, which often go unused, too. Based on a discussion with a few of his friends, here is a small compilation of small things that Niyam really loves to receive. The list is not supposed to be complete, just gives you a hint of what he prefers."


The Art of Gifting


Amar Chitra Kathas

Blank CDs

Cash-voucher/gift-voucher from a Fab India store.
Prefers to purchase Indian kurtas, short kurtas, and more, of his taste and color-preferences, made from handspun cotton, called khadi.

Cash-voucher/gift-voucher from Oshoworld Galleria, Ansal Plaza, Delhi.
Inspired by the vision of Osho, this galleria stocks Osho's books, music, discourses, videos, and other merchandise.

Cash-voucher/gift-voucher from any good bookstore nearby.

Fresh 35mm film roll(s).
Any brand, any speed, any series.

Handmade-paper notebooks.

Acoustic musical instruments.
These could even be tribal, or drone-based, but all must be acoustic. Examples: Tribal flutes, bansoori, didjiridoo, djembe, bongo, acoustic percussion instruments, guitar: steel or nylon, mandolin, tibetan singing bowls, tibetan bells, tablas, tanpura, music conch shells, xylophone.... Instruments from other regions of the world. Any type of acoustic music instrument is always appreciated and welcomed like a member of the family.

Ear plugs, ear seals, ear muffs, and general ear-protection stuff
these can be of any brand, size, shape, color. All attenuations ok, though around 28db - 32db and above attenuation preferred. Surprisingly, these are not readily available in India. Only one optician's shop in Green Park market sometimes has a few pieces of disposable ear plugs. These are readily available on airplanes, airports, and chemist shops abroad.

Cash-voucher/Gift-voucher from Niyam's favourite music instruments shop in Delhi:
New Bharat Music Shop, in Defence Colony Flyover Market. Address; B-113, Lajpat Nagar I, New Delhi 24. Contact person: Amar Singh. website: www.bharatmusichouse.com

Tuning Forks of various frequencies.

Incense Sticks and Aromas from Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi.

For those wishing to gift something exotic, you have to be really close to Niyam for him to accept it. Thus, you would already know what would be favourable. Some examples:

   Favourite travel destinations.
   The clothes he personally loves to design himself.
   His favourite eau de cologne or after-shave
   [nope, you have to be really close to know the name].
   Personal accessories.
   Specific gadgets and instruments of his varied interests.

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